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We measure our success by the personal and business successes of our clients. Let us put our expertise to work for you. We understand what it takes to cultivate a prosperous business and develop practical solutions that yield profitability and growth. Our comprehensive, flexible strategies will address the issues affecting your business and deliver the necessary tools, leadership, and financial acumen to help you realize your objectives. We will work closely with you to ensure your needs are met—providing expert guidance you can trust.

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We analyze business performance using a professional financial analysis tool called Profit Driver. Profit Driver's financial tools translate complex financial data into easily understood reports that diagnose a business' financial picture.

We can help you:

  • Increase the value of your company.
  • Improve cash flow.
  • Increase profits by recognizing areas of overspending.
  • Diagnose business health and identify key business drivers, results and performance measures.
  • Benchmark company results against industry standards for the purpose of assessing success using different measures.
  • Conduct "what if" scenarios to explore and examine business oportunities for feasibilty and financial success.
  • Monitor ratios that the banks use to determine how much and at what interest rate they will loan you money for inventory, expansion or working capital. On an ongoing basis, we will ensure that you are always in compliance with the restrictions the banks place on your business.
  • Assist with preparing budgets and comparing actual performance to budget to help you meet your goals.

In three easy steps, our team can help you
find your path to a sustainable, profitable business
and more individual freedom.


 Our Specialties


We are dedicated to helping you achieve success within your home building and renovation business. With extensive experience providing full-service accounting to the construction industry, we are...

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Software Developers

Our skilled professionals have years of experience in providing tax, accounting, and payroll services to IT professionals and software developers. We provide personal service throughout the year that is...

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Real Estate Agents

Our firm has earned an excellent reputation working with clients focused on the real estate industry. Our skilled team of financial experts has years of experience in providing accounting, business planning, tax, consulting services, and...

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Rental Properties

Your rental property owner needs a firm uniquely qualified to support its unique needs. Our firm stays current on student rental property developments and issues to ensure that you receive...

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Professional Service Providers

Our skilled team of financial experts have years of experience in providing accounting, tax, and consulting services to professional service firms—including insurance brokers, physicians, business and professional consultants, e-commerce and...

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Operating a successful fast food franchise can be overwhelming considering the complexity of tax regulations and the paperwork involved. Our professionals are intimately familiar with tax laws specific to...

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Steven C. Varey, CPA is excited to announce the recent launch of our firm’s new website. We’ve been working very hard to enhance our website and give our firm a fresh look. We’ve also continued to research and identify the latest and greatest technologies to improve the services we provide and ensure we continue to meet your needs.

Take a moment to look around our...

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